About BismarckPride.com 

BismarckPride.com was launched in 2007 by Bismarck native Randy Hoffman as a one-stop source of information regarding the Bismarck-Mandan region. Bismarck Pride's mission is to preserve, promote, and document Bismarck's rich history and in turn provide the largest online database for the region.

I take great strides in posting accurate and validated information using a variety of sources, however nobody's perfect, so if you see something you believe is in error, or have additional information you think should be included, I welcome the feedback

All content featured on Bismarck Pride is original, unless otherwise posted, and intended for personal, non-profit use only. Bismarck Pride's content may only be printed, published, or otherwise reproduced if proper credit is given to BismarckPride.com. If you wish to use any content for any other purpose, please contact me for permission.

About Randy Hoffman
I was born and raised in Bismarck. In 2007, I returned to Bismarck after a four-year stint in Minneapolis, with renewed interest and dedication to my hometown. I feel strongly that living in Minneapolis has given me a unique perspective on Bismarck by giving me the opportunity to step outside of the typical North Dakota sandbox.

About Hoffman Creations
Hoffman Creations is the home of all of my creative projects, which includes a small network of websites that features all-original content including music, photography, videos, and graphic design. In addition to BismarckPride.com and its official homepage, Hoffman Creations also operates the multi-award winning website Strekonline.com, which is one of the largest and most recognized Star Trek fan sites on the net. In an effort to maintain ownership rights to the name, Hoffman Creations is a registered trade name in the state of North Dakota, however is not operated as an actual business, and reinvests all earnings back into the Hoffman Creations website network. Visit The Hoffman Creations Website.

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